svchost.exe uses all of my memory at startup

Dear Everybody,

I wonder if somebody could help me!
I'm from Hungary.
I use a Win 7 Pro 64bit HUN.
A week ago at the startup the svchost.exe loads all of my memory (4GB).
During eating memory, the system freeze.
After loaded all of memory, discharge all, and the system works normal...

Please see the attached pictures and the startup list.

On picture #2, you can see services of this svchost process (PID 1100).

I beg your help!

Thanks in advance!




First, download Malwarebytes and let it scan your system. Let it remove anything it finds.

Other than that, your problem is likely with a service. Type msconfig in the start menu then hit enter. Go to services tab. Check the box to Hide all Microsoft services. Then click disable all. Click ok to save. Reboot and see if the issue persists.

If not, you can go back to that screen and enable 3rd party services one by one while rebooting in between, to see which is causing the issue. If you have VMWare installed, it is its services.

Good luck and let us know your findings, please.


Thanks!! I'm trying!


Malwarebytes found nothing.
But I found the offender: netprofm.dll (Network List Manager)
I uncheked in msconfig, the startup will be perfect, but I have no network.
If I start it, it will eat my all RAM and I have network again.
Should I download netprofm.dll from an filerepair webpage and replace the old corrupted to new one?

Thanks, bye!

No, that's not such a good idea.

I would update the network adapter driver and then tell us show it goes.

To ensure system file integrity and replace and corrupt files, open an elevated command prompt. Copy/paste this command then hit enter:

sfc /scannow
...although I doubt there's any corruption. You're welcome.

Drivers updated, scanned. No change.

Do you have any 3rd party firewall? If so, uninstall.

If not, it could be your current antivirus causing it.

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