Windows 7 swap disk drives


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Background: Windows 7 RC patched, new Dell Vostro 220 2GB RAM, 75GB HDD C:, 250GB HDD I:, 80 GB external HDD, optical (CD/DVD-RW) drives, floppy drive, lovely new Kodak ESP5 All-in-One inkjet printer, etc.

Because the C: drive has everything on it, it is quite crowded. (It contains W7, W2K Pro in VirtualBox, Ubuntu 9.04 as pgm under W7, plus the 10GB Dell Vista Recovery partition which I don't care about; I'm not going back to Vista. As the man said, "W7 is Vista done right.")

I just bought the 250GB HDD, which is drive I:. I put all my data on it (my hobby is gfx), but it's still almost empty. I want to swap the two drives, so C: <--> I:. I will move the data to the new I: drive (is there an easy way to do this other than COPY?) and rebuild the OS's on the new C: drive.

Trouble is, the tech where I bought the the 250GB I drive says he can't make the swap, and to Google it. It is not as simple as swapping the drive data cables, says he, because the drive letters are written on the drives and won't change. ???

I can back up the I: drive, which is used only for data; I have an external HDD for that and I have done it before.

I can rebuild W7 and the other OS's. I've done that before.

I think I can even partition the new C: drive, using Disk Manager in W7, although I've never actually done it. (I've used Partition Magic 8 and the Ubuntu partitioner, however.)

But I don't know how to interchange drives I: and C:. Can anybody help me, please? I'm sure it's simple--??? :confused: :eek:

Thank you. :razz: