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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Lurch, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Lurch

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    I'm looking at trying to make a button on my mouse select this option on my quick launch bar but there is no shortcut or anything like that....

    any one know how i would go about doing this?? Is just a pain in the arse with it where it is and i'd rather have it at a click of a button...

  2. drozmonkey

    Switch Between Windows Key Shortcut

    I found that Windows+tab brings up the new switch windows view. If you hold the Windows key, and press tab it will bring it up and then subsequent presses of the tab key will cycle the windows. Shift+tab moves the windows in the reverse direction.
  3. Khan

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    Oct 7, 2006
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    I have found that the Alt+tab function still works well to switch between tasks.. if you have a 3-5 button mouse, you can use the mouse control (in "control panel") to re-assign one of your mouse buttons to accomplish your goals... At least I think that this is what you are talking about. hope this helps.
  4. windows switcher

    Does anyone know how to get the windows switcher to work? I have got the short ut button in my task bar by it does show windows in 3d format?

    Any help would be great


  5. glink

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    hope it helps

    What i did was created a shortcut to the desktop,"from the quick launch switch between windows" then select properties on that one and made a ctrl+alt+anykey in the shortcut key box, then on my logitech put that in it on the set point and vwa la. "however i did have to set that short cut to my mouse first" it kept opening the switch between windows when typing it in. Good luck
  6. Did you get an answer I have the same problem
  7. nfopirate

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    Where is the "Switch Between Windows"?

    I know how to use the feature, but I want to know where the feature is located. All I find is the shortcut in my quicklaunch. Where does it point to? It has to be in a dll or an exe somewhere.

    If anyone knows, I would be grateful to learn it's whereabouts.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. Shortcut for Switch between windows

    Try [Shift]-Windows-Tab.
    It seems that it isn't a normal program as you said that is invoked but a special command.
    Sorry i don't know anything on this (I upgraded to Vista just 1 hour ago ;-).

  9. Download X-Mouse Button Control v1.25 (freeware, google for it! Works great in vista!) and then assign either {ALT}+{TAB} or {WINKEY} + {#} (# number corresponding to the place in the Quickmenu).
    I assigned switch windows to the middle mouse button :)

    Cheers :)

  10. Frikki

    Frikki Guest

    Thanks alot !!
  11. Switch between windows

    I found that you can access it through pressing 3 keys:
    Left windows+CTRL+TAB
  12. Wow!

    That was great info from all of you! Let me know if it works out for anyone. I have the same issue am and trying to deal with it myself.
  13. this worked for me

    I had to do this in this exact order on my machine with the Intellipoint software.
    1) Set the center button to Ctrl-Alt-S (or Ctrl-Alt whatever you want) and apply/ok
    2) Create a new shortcut of the windows task switcher in the quick launch bar
    3) Drag that new shortcut to the desktop. It will be named Windows Switcher(2)
    4) Right click on that new shortcut and select properties. Set the short cut key to the same value you set the mouse button to and hit apply.

    A previous post mentioned this idea, but it didn't work for me if I didn't do it in this exact order. E.G. just setting a shortcut key to the existing icon in the quick launch bar doesn't work. Setting the shortcut before setting the mouse doesn't let you set the mouse button, etc.

    I hope this helps. Of course I've only had this working for 5 minutes now, so if it fails on reboot or something like that... <shrug>
  14. Ash

    My email-ash_mist1@yahoo.com

    My problem?

    I have a tosiba laptop-vista basic already installed.
    icannot see a "3d" view of the thing, imean the switcher, i see a "2d", and only 2d, i can use it yeah, but is it only available in 2d for my os?

    email me te answer for it.
  15. Searched for it and found , what Switch Between Windows is not an aplication , it's only a command to rundll.exe =) here it is "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe" dwmapi #105
  16. Switch Between Windows is not an app =) it's command. So Here it is "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe" dwmapi #105
  17. Graet!!!

    You are just graet!
    I was looking for the exe file of "switch between windows", so I could launch it from my touch pad and I just found a short cut that goes no where.
    Yor answer helped me a lot.
  18. I just figured out how to make it 3D with the cascading widows effect. You go to windows appearance then choose windows Aero. But it won't work if you don't have certain amount of graphics memory.
  19. Start -> Type "Switch Between Windows" In The "Start Search" -> Drag The Link To Your Desktop -> Right-Click Your Desktop Shortcut -> Click "Properties" -> Click The "Shortcut" Button (It Appears You Can't Backspace When It Says "None" -> Click Any Letter or Number (Or Both, Ex: F1, F2)

    PS : It seems complicated at first, but read carefully , and follow the instructions

    hope it helped !

    cheers ,

    KW.xo ♥

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