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hi everyone, i have a very stressful problem i use ObjectDock to store my icons in a dock because i like my desktop clean,and now i doesn`t run on startup and i have to run it makes me very mad....i used TuneUp Utilities 2009 to fix it with startup manager,but it doesn work, not even with windows startup config doesn't work please help!
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Locate the objectDocke executable (.exe), right-click, choose create shortcut,
then place the shortcut in the the Startup folder in the start menu

If the icon is already on the desktop, forget about the step above, just drag that icon to the Startup folder./
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Sorry, should have taken a closer look.

Try unchecking one of them, then restart.

Preferably the one with the ~
When you uninstall, are the items still left in msconfig?

Do you know how to edit the registry?
When you uninstall, are the items still left in msconfig?

Do you know how to edit the registry?
i edited the registry 2 minutes ago and didn't work i'll post in 1 h because i got somewhere to go, i'll uninstall and see if it's still there
i'm starting to lose my patience, i uninstalled it, it doesn't appear in the System Configuration STARTUP, i restart the system , installed it ,restart the system and stil doesn't work, i made every thing that i know: registry, startup folder from all programs, msconfig nothing seems to work...excuse my english i'm very mad!!
At the risk of you losing all your patience, have you made sure this is checked?

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Yea, you put it in the right key.

Hope Loathe's suggestion works;)

Is this the 32-bit or 64-bit

Was it running at one time and them stopped when you used Tune-up Utilities. BTW,

You could always go back to an earlier date using System restore.
it wasn't checked i log in\out but still the same i'll reboot now and delete the key that i've made in the registry to see if it's working hopefully,i forgot i get a error code 2329 what's up with that?:|

now that you have mentioned i think tune up is the cause. i keep getting this warning , i have removed the compatibility options but still the same:| i'm rebooting now edit: rebooted still the same!! that error code 2329 i get if i try to uninstall tune up:| please give me a yahoo or hotmail id to talk
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