system mechanics stopped working with windows7


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hi everyone

please i need your help.

I have windows7 home premium
intel Q6600 quad core
direct x 10.1

I have been using software calling:system mechanics version9.5.5(latest version). with no problem at all.

So far i had problem with this software getting so slow to open up.

i wrote to technical support for iolo website.

I followed all the information from technical support to solve this problem:

-uninstall the software using add,remove program
-delete the entry from registry
-delete the folder from program file
-redownload the software from there website through my account with them.

so far i uninstalled and reinstalled this software 7 times,doing all the information above.

When i installed the software,and double clicked the icon to open the program immediately an error come up:

SysMech.exe has stopped working
compatibility issue with windows7

But in iolo website they said it is compatible with windows7.

I right click on the icon,property,compatible,and all the software had full control permission.

I don't know what to do next?

I really have had enough wasting my time trying to solve this problem.

I hope you can help me please

I wish to recieve reply from you very soon

thank you so much in advance

My kindest regards


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Thank you for your reply Saltgrass

so far i have uninstalled and reinstalled system mechanics 7 times(uninstalled from control panet,remove the registry entry,remove the system mechanics folder from C:/program files/system mechanics.

i have done that because the technical support from iolo software asked me to do that.

he was so helpful.

what is puzzled me it was working before,what happened next,i don't know?

what do you think the problem is?

thank you all for your help.

My kindest regards


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There have been situations where reminants of older versions of software have caused problems. Many manufacturers now have special uninstall instructions to make sure it is all gone.

Just a quick thought, but make sure you empty the recycle bin.

If the software was running normally and then started slowing down, it must have been doing something, like a scan or some type, or something was scanning it. Or maybe it is looking for something had has to search. Have you disabled any startup programs that might have been helping it start quicker? Have you installed any other software just before it started slowing down?

I don't run the software, so I am not familar with the settings but if you can find some you might try to see if you can find one that makes a difference.

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