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Just thought I would bring you up to date. I went over on the Toshiba Forum and about the problems
I was having with my Toshiba A665 Satellite Laptop. They told me to buy the Toshiba Recovery Disks.
After getting those disks I did everything as the downloads instructed and when I got to "Now Rating System
Performance". It just keeps running that. It says do not interrupt or turn off. The set (3) disks say they are
for A660 Series, mine is a A665 S6050 Satellite Toshiba, wonder if they sent me the wrong disks. Will have to call them tomorrow. Everything downloaded as expected even the 73 drivers. I guess they are drivers.


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Dave 129, not sure you have read this post or not. Your comments on the new Win 10 forum caused me to copy this :
"Is that something new ? I never saw that before.
I just barely had time to snip it before it faded away....."

That is exactly what happened to me when I was doing my Toshiba Recovery in order to make it work. Unless you are
watching the last moments of the "Now Rating System Performance" you will miss the appearance of the little "Drop In"
before it too fades away. If it were not for me seeing that message and very quickly putting in a check mark in one of the
blocks, I would still be watching the round and round of a non working installation and recovery of my laptop. Believe me
that unexpected step was a surprise. You said snip it, is that a way to capture that "drop in" to take a closer look at what
it says??

Right now my laptop is running just okay, having a hell of a time trying to download SP! so that I can get my IE up to IE 10 and then IE11. There are things that are not working but it is useable.

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Question: With the recovery disc's are you performing a clean install? After performing the clean install and installing the latest drivers and still having these issues. I'd start looking at the internals of that laptop.


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You have my replies regarding SP1 on your OTHER thread.

This thread is about Recovery, and I am staying away. bassfisher knows more than I do.

Please do not suddenly throw in SP1 question in a Recovery thread.
Not only you would receive duplicate replies which in itself a waste of time for the people trying to help you, you would also create confusion to people who may not know the "origin" of your problem.

OK ?


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Roger, Over and Out. for now.

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