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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by gear2014, Dec 7, 2012.

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    all the icons on my screen have gone white and i cant click anything not even the start button. when i bring up the task manager all it is is a white box. i can login in fine but that is it. when i try torestore nothing happens, i dont have any restore points so i dont want to do a complete restore if i can avoid it. i have tried running chkdsk in safe mode but nothing has worked. i have also run avg rescue cd form a usb and it identified a trojan but i deleted it, still no effect. i have also tried using the recovery cd i got with my samsung laptop but can only use the startup check tool. this comes back with no issues but i cant use any of the other options.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Try running a system file check (in safe mode if necessary):

    run command prompt as administrator and enter the command:

    sfc /scannow
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    You could try an inplace install boot to windows insert your WIN7 DVD and see if it come up. This will allow you to do a reinstall of windows without formating the drive.

    You should backup any important files if not already done so before doing this.

    I have never tried this in safe mode but it work there also.

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