System Restore Wont Work/Need Help Recovering Disappeared Chrome Information

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Chromefailedme, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Hey, so my computer crashed. There was a blue screen with white text followed by an annoying persisting beeping sound. For the longest time before I could successfully restart my computer the login screen went black and only the mouse pointer could be seen.

    So I finally login, check all my pictures, videos and other files on my computer. Everything seems fine until I open up google chrome. All my passwords, auto fill, extensions, all my settings EVERYTHING is gone! Judt disappeared I didn't delete anything. So i checked my other web browser I sometimes use Firefox and it still has everything in tact. So seems like only Chrome was affected.

    So I tried to do a system restore thinking i could restore my passwords, usernames, emails, bookmarks everything I lost on chrome because I don't have that information anywhere else. Not even Firefox (i rarely use Firefox. Only Chrome had all my important information saved) But the system restore didn't work. I have this error message.

    Would a system restore even work? I just need to get all my important information from Chrome back because I use it for work and school. And there are just so many other websites too. I don't have that information anywhere else. Can anyone help me?
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    Your restore point data is within Windows, so whatever happened in regards to that Blue Screen must have corrupted your restore points (either partial or all of them).

    Your google account may have these settings configured, so try logging in and see if that helps.

    Otherwise that data is gone. I never recommend Windows System Restore for this exact reason. It's a decent tool, but it's easily compromised. I've been using Rollback rx as an alternative, you may want to look at that for a more durable alternative.

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