Windows 7 Taskbar problem - build 7100


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I have problem with newest 7100 build after upgrading from 7057. I use to have my taskbar on top. On every other position this problem can be eliminated by changing taskbar icon size to big a than to small. But on top position there is still somthing from "big buttons". You can see it on screen in atachement (Its the best case, in other cases I can maximize window more than with big buttons). I dont know how to solve this problem. Can somebody help?
WHOA! THAT LOOKS LIKE A BIG BIG BUG! =) Try opening Task Manager then close explorer.exe on Processes, then click Applications and Click NEW TASKS, type in explorer.exe
It isnt solution. I found one, when trying many combinations of auto-hide/button size/positon . But its still bug I thing...