Windows 7 Taskbar...


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I have one question...
After turning on screen saver, when I move mouse I see my desktop BUT THERE IS NO TASKBAR :confused::confused::confused::confused:
So I need to log ouy and log in and taskbar is up again.. does anyone know why is that happening?!
Did this happen immediately after install?

Was it a "clean" install?

Was it downloaded directly from MS site and then activated for updates?

What is the exact make and model of you graphics card?
IM not the only one who have problem like this...
Yes, Its clean instal, Dl'ed from microsoft directly, Win 7 RC 1, activated, ready for updates ( up to date ), and everything is working normal, but when screen saver is on, and after moving mouse I dcan t see taskbar, and I need to log off and then when I log in I can see it. But there is another way, just to run again screen saver, and theres magic taskbar is up again.. But I found solution... TURN OFF SCREEN SAVER :D
Problem solved :D