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Two users
Turn on computer
user #1 starts normal
Switch to user #2 50% of times logs on as temporary profile
Must shutdown and log on again.

I've posted this before and have never gotten any help


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Which version of Win 7 are you using?

Have you logged the other user on normally without using Fast User Switching?

What have you already tried?

There is quite a bit of info on this Microsoft site.

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Thank you so much for replying

I have Win 7 home premium. Upgraded from Vista
Dell inspirion 1525 laptop

No. I go to start, switch user. I guess that's fast switch?
I've gone to msconfig and unchecked all startup items except wireless mouse, antivirus, microsoft & google tool bar.
I've entered perfmon/report. No problems reported


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What I was getting at is a new user is not really set up in the system until you log off. I was asking you to, if you had not already, log off yourself and log on as the other user. Maybe it will help set up the fast user switching.


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I understand.
turn on
log on#1 user
log off #1 user
log on #2 user
log on #1 user

This might take a few days


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