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Windows 7 terrible and weird internet lag spikes on my computer


New Member
Mar 16, 2013
ok so this is the whole story, recently i have been having some troubles with my computer about the internet, i get random lag spikes both while browsing and playing online, at first my internet was fast but recently is been a nightmare for me (my internet provider is called "claro", now the weirdest part starts here, the lag spikes i get, only happen on my laptop, not on my other computer, not on my cellphone or tables, just here, and when im playing online, the lag spikes seem to be random, for example im playing gmod on monday and i get the "problem with internet connection, disconnecting on 30:00" every minute, however the next day stuff seems to be completely normal, no lags or anything although this tends to happen rarely, i have already called my internet provider, they checked the connection and told me everything was normal and even reset it to make sure, i also tried using the ethernet cable but that didint worked since it didint even let em enter pages (this could have been a problem with the cable itself), also tried looking for an update to my driver on the manufacture´s page but i did not found anything there, i also downloaded a program called driver detective and said i had 40 problems with my drivers but i need to buy it so i was stuck there.

i recently did a test using 2 .bat files, google and router and apparently everytime i lagged both of them would time out at the same time, so i would like some help with that.

my modem model is a: thomson dcw725.