Windows 7 Texture Skewing Problem while gaming.

Aug 17, 2012

As you can see, I am experiencing a big amount of texture skewing in most 3d games that I play like Battlefield and Begone. This is only after I updated to the Windows 8 Release Preview from Windows 7. Any fixes?
Hi Jerome,
can you provide a little more information? Please post your system specification as well as which driver versions your using.
How do I show this info to you as easily as possible?

Just post what system you have. If you built it yourself then list motherboard, graphic card etc. Also please list which graphics driver your using.

Saying all this though I do have a hunch that it could be win 8 preview as I had similar problems trying to run Crysis 2 in DX11. Now I'm using the RTM version and it runs beautifully so you might have to wait but anyway please post the info and we'll go from there....
Computer : Toshiba Satellite C650D.
Display driver : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series (Engineering Sample - WDDM v1.1)
Processor : AMD Athlon(tm) II P320 Dual-Core Processor
There is your issue: ATI HD 4200

This is an unsupported gpu. as drivers for AMD and windows 8 start at the 5000 series. You might be able to find something if you trawl the forums but it's doubtful.
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