Windows 8 The Best So Far


Noob Whisperer
Nov 30, 2009
N.W. Indiana
Read Paul Thurrott's article today and have to say that it is the best article I have read to date regarding Windows 8.
Not a defense or even truly an explanation of the OS but rather a pointed and succinct look at what is happening with respect to the broader technology industry and how and why Windows 8 fits particularly well.
Although Microsoft positions Windows RT as simply the ARM-based variant of Windows 8, the situation is in fact reversed: Windows RT is Microsoft's new mobile platform. And Windows 8 is the PC-based variant of that system, providing all the new stuff from RT along with backward compatibility so that the existing customer base can make the transition more easily. Put another way, Windows RT is a fresh start. Windows 8 simply bridges the old and the new.
Thoughtful, insightful and easy to understand. Well worth the read.
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