The Desktop folder is not backed up by File History


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Hi. I've had no luck in Win10 forum so I'm asking here as the answer is probably the same...

File History does not backup Desktop or any files on Desktop.

Can somebody suggest why this should be?

I have turned File History off, turned it back on, reset the backup drive and the only folder to use i.e. DESKTOP-QJDH3AG...

(I have 'Excluded from File History' Documents, Pictures, Video and Music folders because I do not want those backup up with File History).

No Desktop folder gets backed up although it is in my user folder (see pic).

user profile folder.png

EDIT: So as not to confuse, as ussnorway points out in next post, these are not actual folders (above so ignore)

However, File History does back up the following (but no Desktop?)...


Any ideas? Thanks!

And I won't even ask why my pictures are getting saved by File History although I've excluded the Pictures folder and also deleted it from the "Settings" / "Update and Security" / "Backup" menu.


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Wx is a different system to 8.1 and I don't use the file-history tool myself however desktop is NOT in your user folder... thats only a part-link because the {public desktop} and {default desktop} share those settings... there could also be other user accounts on this machine but thats not the point.
Ime Acronis backup is a much better option but good luck with it mate.


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It is had to tell from your attachments, but is the Intel folder the one you want, and is it a normal folder or a hidden one like AppData?


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Thanks for your comments, appreciated.

The only things I want to back up are files on my 'Desktop' as that is where I save all my working docs.

I've been using True Image on portable USB for image backups since 'Ghost'...gave up the ghost, but I've (up till now) found built-in File History perfect for saving real-time changes without yet another background program running...but looks like I'll have to go that way if I can't fix File History (which after all is a running background program anyway!).

Anyhow, I wonder why File History won't back up files on my Desktop but backs up my Pictures (I tested this by adding a picture to my Picture folder)?


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So make a folder someplace else and just have shortcuts (on your desktop) pointing to your files in that new folder?


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File History used to work, I messed around with it and it won't work. 2 evenings wasted.

Now I'm using GoodSync just to synchronise Desktop files. It's easy as 2 browse jobs and won't break!.


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