Windows 7 The dreaded "Display driverhas stopped responding" error


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Jan 29, 2009
I fought with Vista for a month with the black screens, lock ups, and loops. The dreaded "Display driver has stopped responding" error has returned to haunt Windows 7. At least for me.

I play WoW a lot, some Bioshock, and recently Universe at War. The error is very random. Sometimes it affects the game right off the bat requiring a restart of the computer (if not it will just do it again).

In Vista i went through all the trouble shooting tips found on the web including, trouble shooting the ram, testing voltages, overheating problems, underclocking video and FSB settings. I have gotten Vista to be fairly stable with this problem.

Is any one else seeing this monster rise up again? If so let's get this out in the open to Microsoft. I do not want to be using XP for the rest of my life.

By the way, I do have XP, Vista 64 ultimate, and now Windows 7 Ultimate 64 loaded on my system. They are all on different drives. I only hook up one drive at a time so that there is no dual booting going on.

So far I must say I really like Windows 7. No glithces on install and it even put in my wifi card without removal.

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Hi, i also had this problem,
Funnily enough i also had the xfi gamer sound card.
All i did to fix it was uninstall the drivers and take it out. Untill creative or nvidia release a new driver i dont think there is a fix.
I hope this helps

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Wow, I`ll try that.

But to not use my X-fi is sacrilege:eek:! I didn't invest in 7.1 to do on board.

Well I`ll give it a shot and see what happens. The error fix seems to be random with different people doing different things to get it going. At times I have her licked for weeks then she raises her ugly head again.

Thanks for your reply.

Can I get some input from other X-Fi owners running windows 7?

Did you work out your issue? If so, I am interested as to how :)

No help to offer, but I have the same issue. It seems to be as common as the lack of a fix. I'm not a gamer but it makes F@H restart. Not folding, backing off on the overclocking, disabling the on board sound drivers...nothing seems to make a difference. I've had the problem wether using Nvidia or ATI drivers, and with different versions of W7. Like you said Bagman0, its completely irritating bug in an otherwise great OS.
Some progress

I have gone back to vista 64. Windows 7 just gave me too many problems with the error. I have found a fix for myself in Vista. Driver cleaner and the new Nvidia drivers have only brought about a few freezes. These are fixable with a cntrl-alt-delete, then back into the game. At least it isn't freezing the sytem up anymore.
This confirms my thoughts that it is not a hardware problem.
I will be moving to Windows 7 at launch. It seemed like a great OS even in beta.
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