The final moments of Window 7, after this crash my computer never get back on life.

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    Dear Experts,

    Yes, I got the problem here that the version of Window 7 64bit after installed on my motherboard with the hardware has been crash more than 10 times. And it does gaves me the good time when it re-started with a normal behaviour.

    But after a while, the screen start to freeze again, the mouse pointer would not move either, as such I reboot it and it get into safe-mode, from there, I try to use their system tools to repair and detect the possible problem, but UNFORTURNATELY, it detect no problem, and my window start normal again.

    The next time I log-in it start over the freezed again after booting then, I rechecking, F8 and check the memory error, update every bios, graphical and the problem still back again, till now I couldn't even start the system boot,again, so I couldn't even give you anything from the zipped-dumps file.

    But I did record down the final moment from the Window 7 Blue screen details "more or less" as follow:

    STOP: 0X000000 D1 C0X00000000C6BCD6C,
    0x0000000000002, 0XFFFFF880016DD123
    tcpip.sys-addres FFFFFF880016, DD123 based at FFFPP88001650000

    My basic systems build-up by the technician as follow:
    Intel Core Duo 2.6
    Motherboard : GIGABYTE S-Series EG31M-S2 (Ultra Durable 2 for CPU VRM)
    GIGABYTE Graphic Card GTS 250 1GB GDDR3
    Ram : 4 GB
    Hard-disk : 1 TB
    Display screen : Samsung 23in LED

    Hope you guys could really advise me and many thanks for your efforts.

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    Surprised nobody posted about this yet, but here goes..

    Generally the IRQ error above is often a conflicted bit of hardware or a twitchy driver is being used. I would first try get newer official drivers then afterwards check through the hardware manager to see if theres parts sharing IRQs that dont sit happy together, just click view "resources by connection" and look for typical naughties such as soundcards, gpu, network cards sharing same number, if nothing stands out its more likely a driver issue, but also don't discount overheating which can bring on the same error as the things like the ram and gpu or cpu fail when hot.

    It's often a good idea to disable in bios anything you dont use, such as serial ports, old style printer ports, firewire, etc as this typically can free up conflicts too, although I wouldn't attempt it if you don't know much about it.
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