The first of many? Microsoft sued over Windows 10


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It seems someone was so pissed off at being forced to upgrade she took Microsoft to court and won!

Microsoft has to pay a woman $10,000 in compensation after she began a lawsuit against the company because of an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade. Her computer was slow and struggled with crashes after upgrading, is claimed.

The American woman uses her computer for its travel agency. Last year her computer updated to Windows 10, without her consent the says ."I had never heard of Windows 10. No one ever asked me if I wanted to update."

The update failed, her computer become slower and she now had to deal with crashes. The Microsoft helpdesk could not help her solve the problem, she went to court to demand compensation. The woman won this lawsuit.

Microsoft appealed but let it fall "to avoid spending any upcoming problems. The company pays the woman ten thousand dollars. Microsoft gets a lot of criticism about the intrusive way in which the new operating system tries to install. The forceful rollout has angered users, but has also boosted Windows 10 numbers, crossing 270 million users by the end of March 2016, running on 17.43% of the worlds’ computers - second only to Windows 7 - according to data from Netmarketshare. Whether the lawsuit and $10,000 judgment will spawn further suits over failed or forced Windows 10 installs remains to be seen. Goldstein has shown it’s possible, which could open the floodgates.
Microsoft pays 10,000 after automatic Windows 10 installation

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