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I have no doubt about that we have something we don't know hoovering about. I do repeat myself from another thread, we should get a good Science Fiction = wider lines of thought thread. Like I've stated, I'm a Bible Believer, and four interesting facts could be given here:

1. The Bible does not deny the existence of other life [forms] elsewhere. That conception is due to limited understanding.
2. The Bible simply states, The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men, Psalms 115:16 - raises the question if other realities are given to others? Doesn't it? And what and Who is this LORD, precisely? This will represent blasphemy to many, but I don't think I got these brains for nothing - why would a creation be created to not use its abilities?
3. The major force of churches declared the earth to be flat. The Bible proves it to be round. Whom would you believe?
4. Scientists have declared all the time that there is no water in space. The Bible has proved there is water in space and now, surprise surprise, they find water in space.

I'm sorry I can't remember references for 3 and 4. If asked, I'll find them.

Seekermeister wrote that he believes the Bible to be true, but it doesn't necessarily contain all of the truth. I believe there's a lot we need to find out about ourselves.

Considerately to everyone. Even considerate to folks of another belief system.

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