Theme is stuck on classic and laptop is just f*****

basically, my laptop is slow and shit. it had vista on and broke, too it to asian shop and they installed windows 7. i downloaded then later tried to uninstall limewire but as i was doing this, my laptop died and as i turnt it back on, it was FUCKED. its slow and :|! ive updated my graphics cards, wireless(oh and since my laptop has gone shit, wireless wont work :|) and done system restore and even tapped f8 as i turnt on the laptop and done advent repair but nothing :|
dunno if i have 32 or 64bit. asian guy just says "£30 to fix!! fix fix!"


and also, tried changing the theme in personalize and stuff but nothing :|


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Maybe your graphics card doesn't support it.

Go to Start > Help and Support, type in fix problems with Aero and choose Start the Aero troubleshooter.

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