Windows 7 Thief - Deadly Shadows


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Jan 28, 2009
I cannot get this game to work at all under Windows 7 x64. I installed it from Fileplanet HitPoints, it installed just fine, but anytime i try to start it it instantly goes to a standard application stopped responding window. I've tried compatibility mode for vista, xp, 2000, and 98, none work. same with administrator mode.

The kicker is I also installed Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines in the same fashion and it works perfectly. It's just a shame Thief was the game I really wanted to play >.>
Apologies for the weeks-old bump.

However, I just loaded up Thief Deadly Shadows on W7 Ultimate 64-bit and didn't even need to set the compatibility. I just ran it from the Games window and it loaded up with no problems (6.71.7600 Build 7600; not Beta or RC). Also, before I ran the game, I installed the 1.1 patch but I doubt that would have an effect either way.
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I haven't gotten any theif games to work with Windows 7 unfortunately. It seems Theif is very picky on what systems it will run on. :(
Are you running the final W7 version or RTM? I'm running the final. It could be your setup, but I don't have an explanation for you why Thief DS worked without any tweaking on my setup. I could try 1 & 2 too.
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