This is new! Folder shows in Widows Explorer, but not in Open Dialog?


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Yeah I don't get it. It seems like they just complicated the issue with all that. I guess they're just showing all the Height to Width ratios you can use. But immediately under the table it says this:

Images must be less than 256kb in size. Thanks for pushing me to investigate, Jay C".

I guess that's all that really matters. I set mine up soon after the Release Candidate came out. That's been like a year and a half ago. It's not too fresh in my mind any more.


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With Irfanview I start with huge 1920 x 1200 nice image. I copy to new name (background768x1280.jpg) and change first image resolution to what is needed. Then I compress with Irfanview.

This is what I done hacking imagres.dll

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I finally think I get it, I started with a 1920 by 1200 image.

I saved it as a .jpg file and I couldn't get the size below 256 K, no matter how high I set the jpg compression.

I started making it smaller step by step and finally at 1300 by 870 using almost maximum compression (there is a compression slider when you save it) I could get the file down to 256 k.

I plugged it into the folder and it works.
The image isn't real sharp because of the compression but it's usable.



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Awesome. It's good to get rid of that gay looking Windows log on screen isn't it? I never really hated it but I thought I could do better.


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I am keeping same resolution 1920 x 1200 2.15 MB and drop it to 1920 x 1200 592 KB
That is size needed for img0.jpg found in a lot of places.

I originally was using Paintshop 7 really old version I had but each time it starts the taskbar goes dull. Thats when I found Irfanview would do what I needed

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