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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation' started by dnj, Oct 4, 2015.

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    I have windows 7 and was prompted if I wanted to upgrade to 10 for free. I decided it was probably a good idea, I mean, by now it should be pretty seamless...that was wishful thinking. Despite it looking like a cheap cell phone interface with 1990's graphics, It updated and everything was fine until I was getting unusual wifi errors. The OS wasn't recognizing the hardware. I tried troubleshooting the network connection and nothing worked. I then tried a system restore to roll back to a previous date and then all hell broke lose. The OS wouldn't boot back up, it gave me a blank screen shortly after start up (before password prompt) - no cursor no nothing, it was a black idle screen for hours. Tried it several times and the same thing. nothing. So now I was forced to reinstall the OS (which they told me would save my data but didn't tell me half my software would be conveniently deleted). That finally worked. After wasting many hours, everything was back to par - until it started asking me to activate windows -could not do it for the past several days. Error code: 0xC004F012. I looked around and apparently since I reinstalled the OS and not updated, it thinks I'm now not qualified and I have to reinstall windows 7 and do the whole thing over, which is probably going to waste another 10 hours of my time, not including all the updates it needs to do while forgetting that the machine is probably going to hibernate 5% in if I'm not there (brilliant programming btw). Yeah I know how to turn that off.

    Will I do it? Other than the annoying message I get on the desktop it all works so I probably won't.
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    Did you use the compatibility section when upgrading to see if your machine is compatible?

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