Tip: Be patient while installing!

Hey everyone,
This forum has been a big help in my long, brutal process of installing Windows 7. I'm currently installing, hoping it works. The last thing I did was update my BIOS. Now everything is running easily three times as slowly. I'll go out on a limb and say something was disabled in my BIOS that is now reenabled (because you're supposed to reset to default settings when you flash your BIOS) that is causing setup to take a long time.

The first message I read about the installation hanging at the blue background was that the writer came back after making a sandwich and it was done. I got up to check, and mine was done. Then I searched for threads about the installation hanging at "setup is starting," but sure enough, I just had to wait there too.

I'm hoping this is the last attempt I have to make to install it. But I wanted to contribute something, even just a word of encouragement, in case anyone else out there is having as hard of a time as I am installing.

Pending a successful installation, I'll also confirm that a 32-bit installation works on a x64 processor, in case anyone besides me is tired of not being able to use his or her perfectly good, albeit kind of old, printer. FYI, I'm not upgrading, I'm doing a clean install. I saw my previous install of Vista x64 would not be upgradeable to 32-bit Windows 7. Thank you for that post, that saved me a lot of headache.

Thanks for reading,


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Hi Jeff,
I hope your successful with your installation and please let us know how you get on and if you need any help of course..:)

It's done. It's working. I'm thrilled, because now I can go to sleep and enjoy it tomorrow.

It took like 4 grueling hours. At the end, the only thing I actually changed to get it to work was the BIOS update. The four hours were spent trying to get the BIOS flash to work, failing to install XP on a "backup" partition, trying to make a USB boot drive, etc. None of that turned out to be necessary, I just had to have the USB drive in during boot so the BIOS would recognize it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the help!

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