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Thumbnail previews of minimized applications do not display. Instead, when I mouse over a icon in the toolbar I get a list of windows that are currently running for the particular application. The list verbage is preceded with an icon.

I have tried turn the feature on by using gpedit.msc and setting the "Turn thumbnail off" to disabled or to not set. I have also tried to find a setting in the register that might have this feature disabled - couldn't find one.

I'd be interested in seeing how the feature works. Anybody have an idea how I can get it going?

this feature is unavailable in vista basic. you have to turn on aero in order to use it.

edit: and of course you have to activate it in the taskbar settings!
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Sorry, I did not make myself clear. The problem I'm describing is occuring in Windows 7. Best I can tell it is supposed to be on by default. But maybe not. How would one go about turning aero on?
Here's a hack to enable Aero:

NOTE: This worked fine in the original build 7000, but I have a problem with the new build. Do not attempt this on Build 7022

Deleting this post as I don't want to hose anybody's computer.
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Turning Aero on

Reghakr, thanks for the reply. Looks like somebody deleted your hack before I read your message. Is there a way for us to communicate outside this forum, without one of us having to post our e-mail address in a message?

Actually I removed the post beccuse it completely hosed my Windows 7 Build 7022 and I had to re-install Vista, then re-install Windows 7.

What build are you using?

I've found another way, but I take no responsibility if your system crashes

Click on the Start Button and in the Search box type Aero. Now click on Find and Fix problems with transparency and other visual effects.. Immediately an Aero box will pop up. Click the Advanced link and place a check in the box to automatically fix errors.

No click the Next button and you'll get a progress bar detecting problems. If the results all are checked with none of them failed, then your computer can support Aero. The Aero feature will work immediately, so just choose Close the Troubleshooter.
Thank you. That diagnosic test confirmed the conclusion I had come to by poking around on the web. My video driver needs updating to a WDDM compliant driver. But it doesn't look like ATI has made a driver for my Mobility Radeon 9000. So I guess I'm not going to be able to experience the new graphics features of Win 7. However, I am able to enjoy the enhanced responsiveness and much improved font crispness, windows management, etc. Thank you for your help. It was frustrating not knowing why I couldn't see the preview windows for taskbar items. Now I know.
I am having a similar disability with my full view versus a list - when I first installed W7 I had the full screen preview - then after a couple of days it changed over to list. I can't see how drivers are a problem - I am wondering if anyone has found a toggle between one to the other - I may have inadvertantly turned full view preview off and don't remember what I did so I hope someone out there has figured it out.:confused:
There is definitely a switch that turns taskbar thumbnails off. Here is how to get to it:
Run gpedit.msc
In the left panel click User Configuration
Under User Config click Administrative Templates
Under that click Start Menue and Taskbar
In the list on the right look for "Turn off Taskbar Thumbnails."

Maybe that setting got changed.