Yesterday was the drop that spilled the water. I have Win 7 since February and installed Classic Shell. However, I plugged my microphone so to speak in SKYPE and after half an hour gave up and continued to use text because I could not find a way to UNmute the microphone. The GUI in win 7 is HORRID! It is so UNuser friendly that I have decided to go back to Win XP! After almost 6 months and I cannot navigate with this user interface. My problem now is to find a way to move my settings from Win 7 to Win XP! Any ideas? :(

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Hi and welcome to the forums.

Sad to hear you are frustrated with the microphone experience, but I believe it can work in 7.

Try these two steps to unmute the microphone:

1. Control Panel --> Sounds --> Recording tab --> now click on the microphone that you will be using in Skype --> the microphone properties, levels tab, adjust the volume here.

(picture source : sevenforums)


2. Skype --> Tools --> Options in the main menu --> Skype Options --> Find the Audio Settings tab and click on it. In the Microphone and Speakers dropdown menus, select the microphone you chose in the Control Panel.

(picture source : skype support)


As for transferring settings from 7 to XP, you can tryWindows Easy Transfer, but I'm not sure it's gonna transfer well from 7 to XP, as this tool is meant to work the opposite direction.


As for 7 GUI, I'm sure you'll get used to it in time. Windows 7 has its advantages, which I personally wouldn't sacrifice for being more used to XP.

You can also try Windows XP Mode to run a virtual xp machine in your 7 environment.

Thanks for the tip. I have decided to use XP for my serious work (3d solid modelling, Office, etc) and use Win 7 only for games. This way I get the best of both worlds. Win 7 is perfect for games and XP is perfect for serious work. Again thanks for the tip! :)

You are welcome.

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