Transfer file to new computer


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I have a Hp desktop running updated w10 home. I need to transfer all files to new Dell XPS 8900 running w10 pro. What is the best way to do this.


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Thanks Neemobeer. I thought that might be the what I would have to do. Now for the long process of getting it set up.


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You could also share a directory on the new computer then from the old computer connect to \\IP ADDRESS\sharename and copy files


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I do as Neemo suggests using an external hard drive, and as a bonus I keep all the important files (photos, music, documents etc,) on the external drive after completing the transfer, keeping it as a backup for the future. Kind of kills two birds with one stone.



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Thanks everyone for your replies. I did copy /paste all files and other programs. I now have everything set up and running. Just waiting for the person who actually uses this small business computer to finish fine tuning it to their specs. Then I will take their old HD and make it a clone of the new one.