Windows 7 Triple boot os choice? or swap drives out when needed.


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Jan 10, 2009
Ok so im downloading windows 7, Im always curious how the next 5 years of the computing world may look. Easyiest way to do that, use the beta os for a few weeks.
I was one of the first folks on vista beta, (when it was publically avalible.) And Im looking to do the same with win7, but I have a few questions.

Initially my pc started with one 250gb hd with windows xp home
Then I purchased an 80gb drive for vista beta, at this point when my pc started up it asked me which os I want to use.
Then I removed the 80gb vista beta drive for a 250gb vista drive, still had the bual boot option.
After a year of using vista, i decided to try to use xp one day, It simply will not boot, but i use my xp drive for storage, pf usage, and its still the drive that is responcible for givimg me my dual boot option.
Now I want to install win7 beta, but I dont think I can install it on my current setup, can the xp dual boot thing handle three os's, and can xp boot stuff handle win 7?
Im leaning twards making all this separate......
Leave my main two drives as they are, and when I want to use win7 I unplug my main drives and plug in my win7 drive, so if win7 chooses to screw things up my win vista will be un effected.
My question now is, Will this hurt/confuse any other parts on my system like my bios by switching the hard drives on it, also I will be switching from 32 bit vista to 64 bit win7.....
If im going to blow something up, or make my vista never boot again let me know!
Seeing as this is a beta and you are wanting to triple boot on using two different drives (If Im not mistaken). Then that would be risky, If you were using a just your 250GB Drive I'd say go for it. The installer will sort out all of the oses for you and windows 7 will create a boot menu with all oses listed. It's always my preference to keep everything on one drive.:D Right now my setup is a 1TB drive with dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10. But I've have triple and quad boot setups before all on one drive. Hope this answers your question.:cool:
.......And to answer the last part of your questions as long as you have everything off and your computer unplugged it won't screw anything up your bios will search for devices when it starts and then boot up when it finds the hard drive. But If I were you I would just do the triple boot, A lot less work and more convenient.:D
I did the hardware option, unpluged all the other hard drives....

I basically used windoes 7 for one day, runs all the porgrams I use, and I love it!

I think ill be leaving the win 7 hd pluggged in for a long time.


Thanks for the replies.
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