Triple Boot XP/Vista/7 - error with win 7 winload.exe

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Blueguitar, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    Its working now !!! :p

    I did what reghakr suggested and booted from win 7 drive, it only went into 7. Installed Easy BCD 1.7.2 and added XP and Vista. On boot up only XP and NOT Vista were there, and it didn't work. Got back into Win 7 and installed Dual Boot Pro 1.0 it only listed XP and Win 7 like the boot manager. (Where as Easy BCD was listing that I had added all 3 for OS choice)

    So I removed XP on DB1.0 and added it again from there and added Vista. Rebooted and they were all there.

    Vista and Win 7 worked fine, XP didn't. So I copied the boot.ini, the nldr and the from the old drive used to boot (one with XP on it) to the "System reserved" Drive where the Win 7 boot manager was now being used. (Note: this was done in Vista as it had assigned a drive letter to the system reserved drive and Win 7 hadn't. The reason I have the system reserve drive is due to the install of Win7 being installed to the drive with unallocated partition and not yet formatted - if anyone was wondering) XP still didn't launch.

    Had a closer look at the boot.ini now on that drive and the rdisk was pointing to first drive drive which is 0. Changed it to 1 and perfect XP booted up like a dream.

    I booted all 3 to be sure all was well and it was.

    Thanks to all for the help. :D
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    Ecellent glad you got it!!,

    I was almost ready to suggest XP mode for Windows 7.

    Good job by SIW2 for the EASyDCD solution;)

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