Trivial little problem re: sidebar


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Hi everyone

I just got a new laptop running Windows 8, and I'm not so familiar with this exact version (though I'm as familiar with Windows in general as the next person). I'm currently in the process of tweaking some details to make it more to my liking, and doing so, I made a tiny little mistake. I didn't notice that "My Documents" is already in the "Libraries" group in the sidebar (or whatever it's called -- the thing to the left in Explorer), so I added it to "Favorites." Then somehow I managed to make it disappear from "Libraries," and in trying to restore everything to order, I deleted it from "Favorites." So now it's nowhere, which is of the course the least practical setup of them all.

I'd just like to reset the whole thing to defaults. But how do I do that? I'm not afraid of the command line, but I don't know where to look for the configuration files. Does anyone know?


EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out on my own! What you do is you right-click on whatever you want added to the sidebar and select "Show in navigation whateveritscalledinEnglish."


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Nice job.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for taking the time to join our community and sharing your problem and your solution.
Hope to continue to see you around.

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