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We scan our own internal files and attachments for security vulnerabilities at all times. We are also alerted by Google if something like this is found on any single page. It is disingenuous to place a screenshot of your malware detection in the foreground with this website in the background. Do not intimate that this website is sending you anything other than clear and concise information. I believe you also made this false inference in your other thread about a "phishing attack", when, in fact, that email was sent to you as a reminder that someone answered one of your posts.

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I have been on this forum for years and never ever had anything but good come from being here. We do not harbour Trojans.

Of course not. If it were the case everyone would be screaming.

I only posted this because I was concerned about Windows Forum. I love this forum and would never do any thing to cause it harm.
If this thread is causing any problems, then delete the whole thing. I have no problem with that. I was not aware of what was in the screen shot when I attached it! It just happened to be where I was at the time! Yes I attached a warning I received from Google about this site and that was also because I was concerned about Windows Forum I think that was answered and cleared up for me. I love this site and I don't want to cause any grief here! I also asked that this thread be separated from a sticky and cleaned up.I thought that all had been done. Please clean up what needs to be cleaned up.
Thank you!

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I have been on this forum for years and never ever had anything but good come from being here. We do not harbour Trojans.
I have never said that you did, and I would never say that you did. I only posted what I thought would me a help to the forum if the threat had came from here. From there it seemed to get blown out of the water. The internet is a cesspool and I believe any thing is possible.
I love Windows forum. Why would I ever want to cause any harm here.
Can we put this to rest now and clean up any replies that need to be cleaned up on this thread, and get on with helping members with PC issues.
Thank you!:up:

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