Trouble sharing an internet connection to a mac via a airport express.


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Hi, this was not an issue for me with vista, but now in windows 7 I just can't seem to get it right.
My setup is as follows:

Internet (DHCP) -> Pc (Windows 7) (Network card #1)
(Network card #2) (Static IP) -> Airport express (DHCP) -> Mac

All the connections looks fine, I can ping every network card as I like without any fuss. I see the Mac in the network window on the PC and the PC on the Mac.

I have checked the Internet connection sharing and all the services. I also have disabled my firewall, restarted the router, modem and both computers, still no cigarr.

Please help me before I loose my mind :frown:


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I just solved the problem. I had forgotten to hard reset the router. I thought the problem was within windows 7 since it displays "Unidentified network" and "No internet access" on my second network. It still does, but it works.

Anyone know how to fix this so I can change it from public to home?

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