Trouble with Live Mail.

:( Hi all.

I have a new Asus laptop which has Windows 7 on it and I am having some problems with Live Mail. I have been using XP on my older computers, so I am by no means up to date with Win. 7. Anyway, a few days after buying my new laptop, and having already setup and been using Live Mail, it stops me from sending mail. I can receive it no worries, but just cannot send any. At the same time, I was having trouble with other "Live" stuff as well. Live Update, etc. Things I wasn't even using. My son is a computer tech and he uninstalled the Live package and re-installed a new downloaded one, to no avail. He is very switched on but he couldn't work it out. So I still have the same problem....cannot send mail. I am starting to wonder whether I should just download another mail client ????? I would prefer, however, to just use Live Mail. Grrrrr, if it would work properly.
I would greatly appreciate any help that can be given. T.I.A.:)


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If you can solve the problem, I would suggest you give Live mail a run. It is my default and does everything I would need from an Email client.
The first thing I can suggest is that you examine your account settings.
Sorry if you already know the basics, but.
Click the small computer icon over on the far left and select options - Email accounts.-
Click Properties for your particular Email account.
Click the "Servers" tab and check that you do have a correct smtp option for your outgoing mail.

If that is in order, then your antivirus or firewall(s) are suspect. For the test, disable any firewalls you may have, and similar with your Antivirus. Try and send an email again. You can send it to yourself, for the test.

Ok, well dave is certainly spot-on Live Mail is nice; that said, can you not use Hotmail or what ever you have or use via a website 'til this is rectified? You know, sign in @ Sign In , for example.

Anyway, yes, check the outgoing server. I would say Remove ALL of Windows Live Essentials & re-install from scratch. Since you could send out, why would the settings change... IF, you go this route use Windows Live Essentials 2011 - Download free Microsoft programs


Thankyou Davehc and Drew for your prompt replies.

First of all,my son did indeed remove Live Essentials and then did a fresh install to no avail.
I did get a trial of an anti virus that I was trying for a month, so I just removed it and re-booted, but there was no difference. So I went and disabled the firewall, which is Windows Firewall, but that still did not allow me to send an email. All of the email settings are correct. I have checked them over and over again. So I don't know what else I can do. As I have said, I have no problem whatsoever in receiving emails. But each time I hit the button to create a new email message to send, the box comes up that says " A problem occured while trying to open this message. A problem has occured. Please try again." And there is a yellow icon with an exclamation mark in it.
I did read somewhere that changing the STMP Port to 587 was an option. Is that something I should try?? I am just at a loss, so if there is anything else you think I should try, I would be only too happy. T.I.A.

Are you saying you get this when you start to type a new letter... before you've hit Send?

Can you hit Send & Receive & refer to Error message Details or do you never get that?

Drew, I can't get past clicking the " email message" button. Let alone get a new window up to start typing an email. lol When I click the new message button, that's when I get the error message. And it goes no further. I can click the send/receive button and it will receive any new emails that have arrived, but there is no error message from doing that.


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So, I guess you have checked the mail server and it is correct? (smtp)
Does Ctrl + N possibly open it?
Answer - No. ?
Go to programs and features. Click Windows Live essentials and, at the top, select uninstall/change for Windows Live Essentials 2011. You will see the option to uninstall it, or repair it. if a problem is detected.So select "Repair". if available.

Yes the mail server is correct. And I have tried ctrl+n but that just brought up the same error message as clicking on the new message button. I actually can't do what you have suggested, because when my son uninstalled live essentials, he only re-installed parts of it and not the whole thing. So I can't go to the part you have suggested. Should I go ahead and install the whole package again???? And then do what you said ???


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Why not. But first uninstall what you have. reinstall, using the link given by Drew.


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When you uninstall it again, try using Revo Uninstaller to do it.

Revo Uninstaller - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

A lot of the time the junk that's left behind when you uninstall is what was causing the problem to start with, especially when you see the same error after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Maybe getting is really cleaned out will help.


Thankyou Dave and Mike for your replies.
Actually totally uninstalling and re-installing and using the repair function in what my son (IT Tech) already did. I didn't realize he had tried to repair it. Der !!! So no good trying it again. So even if you use the proper uninstall Mike, it still leaves junk behind ?? Bummer !!! This laptop is only a week old and shouldn't have any other junk on it. Most of the optional stuff that was pre-loaded has been removed already too. But I will try removing all of it with the tool have have provided. Thanks for that,

Cheers Sue


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Hi Thommo. This may, or may not help you.

I was having major problems with Live Mail after an aborted uninstall.

After I re-installed my system I installed EVERYTHING that Live Essentials could throw at me (after making a system image :)).

I then made a note of every install string that had been added to my system and turned it into a batch file un-installer set up.

You can grab it from Mediafire. You've nothing to lose!! (BUT! make a restore point first, just in case you have!!).


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Windows has never been great at uninstalling things.
Otherwise there wouldn't be a Revo Uninstaller.

It often leaves registry entries and files behind that restore previous settings when you re-install software that also re-install the problem you were having to start with.

I usually re-install software in a different location then it was to start with.
This makes Windows think it's a different program and not try and pick up files from the previous installation.

I don't think that's an option with Live Mail, I don't remember it giving an option about where to install it.

Revo will remove all the registry entries and any other associated files.

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Thankyou Elmer and Mike for your replies. Since my last post I decided to go with defeat and use another mail client. Yes, I know, I should have tried a few more things before I gave up. But I have been battling with the Live Mail problems for a week and a half on a brand new computer that should just have everything running perfectly. So I ran out of patience with it and conceeded defeat. I am very thankful for all of the help that was given to me. You nice people are what forums are all about.....thankyou.



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Not stated in your post, but I would be interested to know if your new client works in all functions? It did seem to me that it was not a true "Live" problem but more a server or router problem.

Hi Dave.

The new mail client, Mozilla Thunderbird, is working fine in all areas. No problem whatsoever sending emails. I have no idea why Live Mail wouldn't send anymore. But it was very frustrating. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.



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Windows has never been great at uninstalling things.
I'd agree with that Mike.

You would think they(?) could at least get it right with the softwares they release as well though, wouldn't you?

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