Windows 8 Trying to reinstall Windows 8


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Jul 30, 2013
I installed Windows 8 a couple of days ago on a laptop that has a Windows crashing history (service always said the problem was software, I think it's hardware, but that's a different topic).
When waking up after sleeping times, the screen wouldn't display anything, I had to reboot using the power button multiple times.
Finally, this morning when starting up only the manufacturer's logo showed up, Windows didn't start at all. Or at least that's what I saw on my display - nothing. Some normal sounds however could be heard from the laptop, smth was definitely running there.
So I tried to reinstall Windows 8 again (all my data backed up, no problems there). I can choose a language and then press Install. Then it hangs forever on "Setup is starting". I burned a new DVD, same behavior.
I don't know where to go from here... So if any ideas & time, please share.

When Windows 8 was working on your laptop, did you check your hard disk for errors? It is possible that there is a hard disk error, but now we are in a situation where there is no operating system at all. It could really be any component, up to and including your RAM or an overheating problem. You can try to run some diagnostics:

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What kind of "crashing" was it doing and was it just Win8 or other flavors of windows as well?

I was having issues where my week old laptop would freeze up and the only way out of it was to power cycle only to have it happen again at random times, turned out the motherboard was the issue.

I'd start by burning memtest86 to a cd and run it at boot. That'll rule out ram as an issue. It's almost definitely hardware. Lie said above it could be hard drive. Both of those are easy fixes if you can confirm either as the issue.