Trying to remove WinDvd 12


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I have attempted to uninstall WinDVD12 but some left over files have remained preventing me from reinstalling. When I go the usual route of "remove program", there is no directory for the program but clearly there are left over files floating around. I've been online looking for help but the only site I have found suggests poking around in the registry and I'm not willing to go that route.

What options are available to me to remove all traces in order to reinstall?

Thank you.


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Funny that you sent me this link. It was the last website I visited and followed all of the instructions. In fact, about half the files listed are not present on my system. Sadly, this link does not offer any solutions to my current problem.

I appreciate your help though.


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Then you'll need to use something like procmon to identify what the installer is looking at and remove it or call their support would be the easier option.


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Thank you. I know that programs such as this exist but I didn't have any names to go by. I'll give it a try.
Clearly you are familiar with it. Is it easy to understand and use? I'll read up on it but in case you beat me to it I would appreciate any advice you can share.

Thanks again.