Turning Off Shadow Copies


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I was about run a defrag on C: with O&O, but since there are a lot of locked blocks, I decided to temporarily turn off hibernation and shadow copies, but I've run into a problem with the latter. Even after turning it off and deleting shadow copies in the Device Manager, O&O still reports that shadow copies are enabled, and unlike when I've done this before, it doesn't appear that the locked blocks have been reduced any. I even disabled the shadow copy service, but that made no difference either. Any idea of how to rectify this?


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Try running a Command Prompt as Administrator and issue the following command:

vssadmin Delete Shadows /all


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Thanks, but it didn't work. O&O still reports it active and the locked files are the same. Here is a shot of the CMD I ran:


Not sure, but it may be because I had already deleted the copies in the Device Manager.


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I just checked in the Device Manager again, and the shadow copies are still there.


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I decided to run the comand again, and this time it asked to verify 16 deletions, instead of 18 as before, and it succeeded. O&O still reports VSS as being enabled, but the locked blocks have disappeared, which was my real objective. Thanks for the help.

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