Tv Tuner: Kworld MCE 201


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I have a kworld MCE 201. I purchased it about a year ago to use with VISTA (32) MCE and it works perfectly. Problem is, I am now using Windows 7 (64) and there is not a driver to be found. I am not very savvy on drivers and the like, and I have been reading that the TV tuners are kind of falling short in the driver department. Is there any way of getting this work or any hope there is a driver out there?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


ps. sorry if this post should be elsewhere, but I could not find the specific problem in any other thread.


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I ran into similar issues with my Compro E700 PCIE the end the drivers were fine, turned out was the video app by compro was the problem, which was simply bypassed by using Media Centre to run the tuner card.

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