Windows 7 TWC9 - IE9 Beta, WP7 Tools, and The New Channel 9 with Duncan and Sampy

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    [Apologies for the quality of the video]

    On a very special This Week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Duncan and Sampy to discuss:

    • The IE 9 Beta release (download)
    • Windows Phone 7 Tools RTM (download)
    • The New Channel 9
    • Performance Numbers comparing the old and new (on average 2.62 seconds less load time)
    • Code metrics like lines of code and unit tests
    • Suggestions we implemented from ZippyV, Brian Henderson, Adam Kane, Carl Serl,and Spottedmahn2
    • Thank you to niners for filing bugs as we fixed around 30 bugs on the preview site
    • Demo of new features like the way you can filter by language
    • Discussion of our favorite features, like the ability to jump to a specific time so you can hear what I was saying right now
    Picks of the week!


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