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Hello guys and Windows guru's!
Yesterday after the computer restarts,the text file is turned into binary. I don't even know why! In the header of this file there is a word - Compattelrunner.exe. It is possible to restore the original txt file? Please help me people.


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Yeah you just need a program to convert it. There are even sites online to convert. Such as this: Binary to Ascii Text Converter

Thanks for respond. I cant copy text from this binary file, because text copied with ONLY one symbol.
For example: I'm copying the whole row, but when I'm clicking copy-paste copy only one symbol.


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When you say, "the text file" which text file are you referring to? If the file Compattelrunner.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32 (and probably hidden) then it is likely to be a valid MS system file associated with measuring compatibility. If located elsewhere it is likely to be malware. Look in the processes list in task manager to identify the location of running processes. Also run malwarebytes to check for malware.

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