Ubuntu Stops Windows 8.1 from being loaded!!

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by islon, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Hi guys!, I recently came across Ubuntu and i liked it, so i decided to install and try it on my computer. I did try out Live USB and i thought that i wanted to install it on my computer, but my system was, or had "EFI" so Ubuntu didn't recognize WIndows, so i found this guy on youtube who had a video showing how to do. I followed it, and started up ubuntu, but when i rebooted my computer to boot into Windows 8.1, the purple boot screen didn't show up, and it just booted into ubuntu again. I tried again with rebooting, and then the purple screen showed up, but the only option was "Ubuntu 14.04". When i launched explorer inside of Ubuntu, my Windows 8.1 hard drive were there. All my windows 8.1 files was still here, maybe windows it self, but it wasn't accessible. Pleeease help!!
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    right now, we have no way of knowing how you installed Ubuntu. Many of those tutorials are older and were written prior to UEFI being common.

    If you boot and go to a Boot Device menu, or into the bios and set boot device priority, do you see a Windows Boot Manager option?

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