Ubuntu USB driver with persistance storage


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Does anyone know if I installed ubuntu 20.04 onto a usb device with the above intention, can I install a virtual box and use win xp in that? It wold need to run a usb device used to plug into the car for mechanical diagnostic purposes.



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I guess it depends does the car have the capability of booting to it? I would highly doubt that

Let me explain, the car is old, the software is old, this is half the reason why on the other thread I was pratting about trying to install windows xp with drivers to work a sata hdd...

I just want to run xp on my laptop so I can run the diagnostic software which reads engine issues.. However having run windows 10 ok on my laptop, its slow espcially when running xp in the vbox I installed this evening, I just wanted to know if I could be running it on a linux OS with vbox in that as I would expect it to run a lot faster than windows. Part the problem perhaps is winxp would like at least 1gb of ram and the laptop only has 2gb, 1.4 of which windows 10 itself would like to have. anyway getting back to the topic, I just want to work out if I can run vbox on ubuntu running hot off a usb drive. I could run linux off the hdd but want to test run on a usb drive first.Thanks in advance.


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It's going to run extremely slow on a USB drive, plus getting the device redirection working could be difficult assuming what ever the connector is can be passed through to the VM.