unable to find my existing Windows Backup

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    Windows Backup doesn't detect my existing VHD file on the local hard drive

    I used Windows Backup to create a backup of my C: partition. Foolishly, I put it on drive D.
    Later, I realized that I shouldn't store it on the same physical disk with the C: partition, so I moved it to partition F:
    Last week I wanted to restore my backup, and in the Restore Files (Advanced) window the operating system doesn't detect anything.
    You can click on network shares, and I browsed for my backup folder that way (I created a share from the backup folder specifically for this purpose), but the operating system still could't detect it.
    What registry entry, .ini file setting, xml file line do I need to edit to tell Windows 7 Professional that I have a nice folder WindowsImageBackup\NETBIOS_NAME_OF_COMPUTER\ with three folders
    Backup 2009-10-28 013739
    and a MediaId file?
    In the Backup folder there are 11 XML files and 1 VHD file.

    Any ideas?
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