Unable to log in at all...

Got a Windows 8 PC just a couple of days ago, and I was going to make a new account. In the Start menu, I clicked my account at the top and then Guest. Quickly found out it's not what I wanted, and then restarted to see if I could make a new account from the first login screen.

And now, I can't even log in as the admin. It just says the user service failed and sends me back to the login. If I input any other password, it'll say 'Welcome' and appear to be loading for around 10-15 minutes before simply going back to the login without any message.

I also noticed that the icon at the bottom left does nothing when I click on it... And I've tried to boot into the recovery by Shift+Clicking Restart, and holding Shift and mashing F8 upon startup, but neither works. In fact, the latter method just hangs on a Gateway logo screen as long as I hold Shift, and will just boot into the login screen as usual when I let go.

Really don't know what to do... Every method I've found online involved either logging in to a different account or recovery mode, but I can't seem to access anything at all.


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Your error message should be......
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Since you just bought it no more than a few days, I would recommend that you take it back for another one.

Reason being.....
It will be quite complicated trying to fix it.
Most likely you will end up reinstalling the operating system, and I doubt your computer comes with Win 8 installation disk at all.

Take it back for a new one is your best line of action.


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I just had this problem with a friends computer on Saturday.
I was able to login in Safe Mode with command prompt and enable the built in Administrator Account. Which let me create a new account.

If you can't login, in safe mode and you can't get into recovery mode there isn't much you can do.

Recovery mode should always be available unless there is some kind of physical problem with the computer.

Are you sure you are using the right commands to get into recovery.

On a Gateway computer you get into recovery by Holding down the Alt key and tapping F10 when the logo comes on the screen or at least that's what it says here.

During Startup
  • Restart your Gateway laptop.

  • Hold down "Alt" and press "F10" repeatedly while the computer
    is booting up. The Gateway Recovery Management program will open on your screen.

  • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 if the Gateway Recovery Management program does not appear on your screen and the computer proceeds to boot up to the Windows home screen.

  • Click "Restore System from Factory Default" when the Gateway Recovery Management screen does appear.

  • Click "Next" to activate the recovery process and recover your Gateway laptop to its original factory settings.

Since you've only had the computer a few days I'm guessing you won't be losing much by resetting it back to default settings.

But if you have stuff on it that you need to save you can probably access it with a Ubuntu OS disk and copy the data to a DVD.

If you need help with that come back.


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MS has hidden Safe mode in Windows 8.
Steps accessing Safe Mode in Win 7 won't work for Win 8.


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I'd give trying to get into recovery mode a few more tries, I forgot you are talking about Windows 8.
It can sometimes take several tries to get it to work.

I just read a post that said it took 15 tries to get it to work, but it did eventually.


If you do get your computer fixed make sure that you let it make a bootable repair disk.

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