Unable to logon to newly created profiles

Hey guys, I get an error that states "The User Profile Service service failed logon. User profile cannot be loaded."

I've gone through all the tutorials on how to fix this problem talking about checking the SID in the registry, ect ect and none if it works. Honestly i dont even think its relevant to my problem.

When I create a brand new user account (doesnt matter if its standard or admin) windows gives me no problem. Lets say my Admin user is called Admin and the new profile i just made is called NewUser. The NewUser profile is created and appears to be fine. I'm able to set passwords, change parental controls, icon pictures, but when i go to switch users from my Admin profile to the NewUser profile i get the error i stated above. When i search my folders I notice that there is no C:\Users\NewUser folder either. The only folders under C:\Users are my Admin, Administrator, Public and Defualt.

Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


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You are hitting the "Create" button at the bottom?

The logon screen doesn't show the new user?

When i create the new user through the control panel it saves fine. I see the new user icon listed as a new profile and i can edit its settings from my admin account. When i log off, the log in screen shows the new user profiles and when i click them to log in i get the "welcome" screen and the loading circle then the error message pops up and sends me back to the log on screen.

the lack of replies is not a good sign lol

i really really really dont want to have to do a complete reinstall if i dont have too, so please if you anyone knows anything let me know



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Someone will probably suggest you do a repair install. If it isn't working the way it should , something has to be wrong.


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Try right-clicking on the Computer icon on the desktop, choose properties, click the Advanced System Settings, the click on the Settings button under Profiles

Do they appear here?

^i will check that out as soon as i get home which is about 45 mins from now.

Will a repair install force me to reinstall all of my programs?

Try right-clicking on the Computer icon on the desktop, choose properties, click the Advanced System Settings, the click on the Settings button under Profiles

Do they appear here?

ok i just checked and the new profile is NOT listed under user profiles


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I am still checking on the best way to do what you might need, you may want to wait until someone else explains the procedure.


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Is there a folder named C:\Users\Default?

Yes, there is a C:\Users\Default however default is a hidden folder


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Go to Start > Run, and type services.msc.

Scroll down until you see User Profile Service and verify that it's started.

If not, Start it.

ok, i went there and it was allready started. I tried to stop and restart it and got this error:

"Windows could not stop the user profile service service on local computer. error 1051: a stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on"

i was not logged in as any other user at the time. I even restarted my computer and tried again and got the same error message. I deleted the other profile restarted my comp and did it again and got the same error


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Did you or one of those so-called tune up programs make any changes to the services?

Go back into services and verify that Secondary Logon is started.

is the NewUser an admin acccount?

secondary logon is started

im not sure what you mean by tune up services? This is a fresh new install of windows 7 though if that helps

NewUser was set up as an admin acct, but i've also tried doing standard as well - same problem either way


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By tune up services I meant there are programs out there that change some of the services that are unnecessary to start immediately to manual or disable.

Some of them are:
Advanced System Care Pro
Glary Utilities

Other than that I can't thing of anything more to solve your problem.


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I have to continue to believe that if this was a fresh install and it does not work as it should, something has gotten corrupted. Don't know how, but something has to be done to fix the corruption or work around it.

First try to do a system file check. Type cmd in the Start menu search box and hit CTRL-Shift + Enter. You will have an admin command window. Type "sfc /scannow" (no quotes and space after c) and let it run.

If that doesn't fix it, reboot and hit F8. Choose Startup Repair from the advanced menu. This won't change anything on your system unless something needs to be fixed. If it finds something it may have to be run several times.

I do not think doing a system restore will help and if you can't fix it any other way, I would probably try to do an in-place upgrade on your current system. But check below first.

A net search came up with some things, this one concerns Vista, but it might help. If it doesn't, you can do a search for "unable to create new user in Windows".
Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

oh ok, im not using any of that type of stuff. Thanks for the help anyways though


I want to thank everyone who took the time to help me, but a special thanks to Saltgrass. I ran the cmd and there were zero problems found. I didnt run start up repair or do an install over my current. I read the article posted about Rob Brooks and decided to look into that. Windows 7 is a little bit different than how vista was set up (or at least my version was).

Instead of:

c:\users\default\AppData\Local\Application Data

it was

Both Local and Roaming folders had a bunch of sub folders inside of them. What I did was created a new folder that i called Back up in the users directory ( C:\Users\Back Up) and i simply cut the Local and Roaming folders out of the C:\Users\default\AppData folder and pasted them into the C:\Users\Back Up folder. I logged off and tried to log in to my newly created account and presto! Success!

So, mods, you can mark this thread as solved and I'm sorry if I went into a little bit too much detail but I want this to be available to whoever might need it in the future with the same problem. thank you all again. You saved me a huge headache of having to reback up all of my files and reinstall.

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