Windows 10 Unable to Rename File or Folder on Network Server


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Hello Everyone and nice to meet you,

I am having an issue as follows:

When I go to a network server/network location of my company, I am able to create, view, and delete new files or folders.
But, I cannot Rename the files or folders that I have created.

On the other hand, I can create, view, and delete new files and folders on my desktop/local folders, and I can Rename them as well.

I am not quite sure the cause of the issue, and hopefully, you can help me find the resolution for this problem.

Usually, when we create new files or folders or try to rename them, the text of the file/folder name is highlighted with a blue highlight. But the problem that I have on the network server is that when I click "Rename", the blue highlight did not appear and I cannot rename it.

I am on Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit operating system.

Thank you very much in advance.
There is no difference between create and rename as far as permissions. I would check permissions on the files regardless. It's possible some technology is accessing the file. If there is an open handle that would prevent the rename. Since this is a company device I would consult your IT team