Unable to set up a home network

I have 2 windows 7 pc's in my house, a desktop and a laptop, which is my stepsons. Everytime I attempt to set up a home network, I get an error message saying that I need to enable IPV6. Having followed the instructions and got through to local area connection properties the box is ticked, and clicking on properties is completely uninformative.............any ideas anyone?

I am running windows 7 home premium on both pc & laptop

Thanks for that, I had already tried this route. I still seem to be running around in circles over the IPv6 which windows says is not enabled, yet when I go through to the local area connections, there is a tick next to it. Yet the troubleshooter keeps telling me it is disabled

Type services.msc in the start menu then hit enter. Make sure IP Helper service is enabled and set to automatic.

If you still require help, type cmd in the start menu and hit enter. On the screen that opens, copy and paste this to it and hit enter. Please provide a screenshot of it.

ipconfig /all

would love to provide a screenshot, but unable to do so

It seems i am unable even to provide a basic screenshot. I have set the ip helper as suggested, but this has made no difference. I am able to get the info, but cannot get it to transfer onto this post. The annoying thing is that I had a homegroup set up, but came out of it, thinking to start from scratch as I could not get the laptop to connect

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

I feel your pain. I also disabled my prior home network because I could not add a new computer to it. I was hoping that a rebuild of my home network would solve my problems. I get the same message that you do. IPv6 not enabled. My screen shot which I also can not capture shows IPv4 address: but does not show IPv6. I currently have 3 computers connected to my Internet router. When I open Windows Explorer, at the bottom I see Network. When I open Network, I see all three computers, but cannot access any of the "Network" computers. Since the third computer is a newly added laptop (XP Pro) I really need to get my home Wireless network up and running. Either that or buy the wife a 100 foot ethernet cord and make her drag it around the house. 8-(. Can any of the experts out there tell us how to get a disabled Home network up and running once more?

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

After reading other threads, I find that I was remis in leaving out helpful information. My primary computer is a HP Desktop AMD core 2 duo with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit installed and up to date. Second computer is HP AMD core2 duo with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed and up to date. The third computer is a recently purchased HP Laptop Dual core centrino with Windows XP pro installed. I have a forth computer (home built) Intel quad core desktop with Windows Pro 64 bit installed that is not connected to anything at this time. All of the OS came pre-installed from the OEM. If the version is really necessary, I can provide that in a post update. I am fairly knowledgeable about computers but am not an expert by any means. I can do basic hardware and software maintenance but could use some guidance here.

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

Some routers can't handle IPv6.

A quick, easy way to tell if IPv6 is active and able to communicate is a ping, just like in IPv4.

To see if IPv6 packets communicate with your router, open a command prompt. Enter this command then hit enter:
ping -6 {routeripaddress here}
You can also do so to your other machines' addresses the same way, to see if there is connectivity over IPv6.

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

Hmmmm. Ping -4 works to, but ping -6 did not work to any numbers i punched in. (I tried all of the numbers that showed up after cmd/ipconfig /all) After the original set up of a Home Network, I was able to network the two Win7 desktop through the router and share files and printers. Looks like I have disabled something that once worked. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! Any ideas on a possible fix??? What I need to set up. is a network that will allow me to wirelessly connect to it and the internet with my Windows XP Pro laptop. At the very least, I need to connect to the Internet with my laptop.

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

If IPv6 is enabled for the network adapter(s) on the machine(s), then type services.msc in the start menu and press enter.

Check that the following services are set to automatic and running:

IP Helper
HomeGroup Listener
HomeGroup Provider
Peer Networking Identity Manager
Peer Networking Grouping

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

The error message that I received said that IPv6 was not enabled. I reset Peer Networking Identity Manager and Peer Networking Grouping to Automatic. Now how do I enable IPv6? Attempts to ping using IPv6 failed. IPv4 pings fine.

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

By any chance are you using an older (2 years + ) router?

Many will puke on IPV6 addressing...
Linksys routers were really bad for this.

Re: Unable reinstall Home Network

The error message that I received said that IPv6 was not enabled. I reset Peer Networking Identity Manager and Peer Networking Grouping to Automatic. Now how do I enable IPv6? Attempts to ping using IPv6 failed. IPv4 pings fine.
You can enable it in Network and Sharing center. Click Local Area Connection. Then click properties. There will be a line with a check box to tick. Tick it.
Hit ok then close. Reboot.

Test IPv6 with a ping to router.

So far the advice given is accurate, this should get the new IPV6 working...

However; there might be reason to not want it working --and why it isn't.

As I mentioned earlier older routers will sometimes puke on the new packets. But I notice you have an XP based machine on your lan. If you plan to share files with mixed OSs; 7, XP, Mac, Linux etc. you won't be able to use Home Networking. The other OSs don't know about IPV6 at all... These are strictly IPV4 OSs, XP isn't going to be updated and the Mac and Linux ones will probably stay that way for quite some time. (Until the internet broadly adopts IPV6, at least)

If you want to get everyone talking to everyone else and sharing files, printers etc. you will need to switch over to a Work Network and use the old style Username/Password style sharing scheme.

This is because, so far, only Win7 understands IPV6 and Home Networking is strictly a Win7 protocal.

The good news is that Work Networks (Workgroups) have been around a long time and generally work without error once properly set up... I went through this on my own lan, went back to Workgroups and it hasn't missed a beat since...

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