Unexpected BSOD results in Crash Dump

Hello everyone,

I have recently had several crash dump files appear in c:\windows\minidump.

I am uploading it here, for those who may wish to review it. However, I cannot specify what the cause of these problems may have been.:eek:



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Since no one else has yet responded, but they will, I will bring some things up. I am not that good at reading dump files but I noticed there is a reference to LPremove.exe. This, I believe, is a utility designed to remove language packs that for some reason are not compatible with your setup. It looks like you are using a German Win 7 version, or at least a German Language Pack.

This utility seems to be a scheduled task that will run as needed and at start-up to check your system. Any chance it is trying to remove a language pack or part of a language pack?

Well I not really sure. I'm fairly new to windows os because I've been a mac user for many years. I feel lost in this situation. These error codes are like a foreign language within it's self. I've been researching forums because I don't want to pay The Geek Squad 300.00 just to come by and tell me they can't fix the problem, so I'm hoping I come across a tutorial or someone that may recognize my problem. Thx for the help!


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If someone does not come by soon, you might go to the BSOD forum and link to this thread.

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