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Windows 7 Uninstall Windows 7 Back To Windows Vista


New Member
Mar 1, 2009
Help, I installed Windows 7 By Mounting the ISO Using Daemon Tools and Upgrading from the Windows Vista to Windows 7. Something has gone wrong, whenever I put in a pendrive, sd card or anything it wont show up! I need to go back and system restore doesn't work. Please help me this very URGENT. If there is a solution to the pendrive and sd card problem anything helps. I also have a HDMI slot which may or may not work now as well as a disk drive which I havn't tested. The Build is 7022. Please help.
I think, it's not possible to downgrade from win 7 to any previous versions of Windows.
Maybe try to install drivers in compatibility mode...

Why don't you install Vista on dofferent partition/drive?
Sounds to me like your either missing some motherboard drivers or you don't have correct ones installed.. have you taken a look at Device Manager to see if there are any components with a little yellow exclamation mark beside them? If there are that means you need to install the drivers for that component.. I'd suggest taking a look in there first and see if there's work to be done.. ;)

As far as "downgrading" goes, you'll either have to reinstall Windows Vista or XP overtop of the Windows 7 installation OR create a new seperate partition and install Vista or XP on that partition... which will in turn give you a dual-boot setup.. ;)