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Whenever I try to run any Administrative tool or some, but not all, programs, I get a message box that says, "Class not Registered". Generally, most of Windows 7 appears to work, but System Restore is broken, can't make a Restore Point, Administrative Tools doesn't work, and a couple of programs that have been flawless in the past. Does anyone have any ideas about this or is Windows 7 clean install the only solution?


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Hi Don and welcome to the forums.
Before resorting to a Clean Install, I would first try a couple other things.
First, open an elevated command prompt (Start Orb->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt, right click and choose run as administrator, and type
sfc /scannow
let the system file checker do it's thing and see if it shows anything regarding problems.
Additionally, even though System Restore doesn't seem to work from within the Operating System, I would definitely have a go at it by booting from the install media and trying it from among the repair options in the Windows Recovery Environment.
And finally depending on how much you actually care about preserving your existing install you might consider a repair install.
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Thanks for the reply Trouble,
I ran sfc and there were no problems. Unfortunately, I can't do a repair from the install disc because it is not a SP1 install disc. I did attempt to uninstall SP1 so I could do a repair, however, the unistall failed and Windows 7 put itself back together and it now is like it was prior to the unistall attempt. I don't care about preserving my existing install, what I don't look forward to is the reinstall of 81 programs that I have installed. I would imagine I'm looking at at least 3-4 days in I have to do a clean install. Yuck!
Any other ideas I would sure be willing to try them rather than spend 3-4 days getting up and running again.
Thanks again!

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