Updates Failing then looping and rebooting


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Hi Everyone,
I am having a problem on my laptop with the updates failing. When I boot the laptop it will start loading updates. It will get to 63% and then reboot. Then it goes so far and automatically reboots, then it says that the updates have failed. It then says that it is undoing the changes. Then it reboots again. It then loops and and goes and does all of this two more times until it finally boots up. Is there any way to stop this from happening every time I boot my laptop? It takes ten minutes to get it to finally boot up.


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Thanks for the help. I ran this and it claims that it fixed the problem. It may take a couple of days to make sure but I have high hopes. Thanks again

Hi ! After you try @Neemobeer's suggestion please reply back if problem is solved. I'm very curious about which OS you are running on your computer. Also curious how many up dates and which ones are failing. I think you said that your PC finally boots into windows??
When does it start this boot loop again? Is this a new install?
PS I see you are running W10! Glad you got your issue fixed. We were replying at the same time;):)


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Apparently that fix did not work after all. When I shut down it started the update cycle. When I rebooted it started the loop again.


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Can you upload your Windows Update log. C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log


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I went to the C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log. I made a screen capture of it. I also made a list from the updates in the Control Panel.
Update Log 1.png
Update Log 2.png

Hi! Wondering if you can run a sfc /scannow?? See if you have any integrity violations. These can some times cause problems with Window up dates. You may get more replies from members latter!
You might give this a look also!
Windows 10
Click this link to download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

When You Should Run These Commands

Run this command when troubleshooting a buggy Windows system. If Windows is blue-screening, applications are crashing, or some Windows features just aren’t working properly, the SFC command may be able to fix this. Even if the SFC command doesn’t repair any files, running it will confirm that no system files are corrupted and you can continue to troubleshoot your system with other methods.

How to Repair Corrupted Windows System Files with the SFC and DISM Commands

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Thanks for the help. I did the sfc scan and I ran the Update troubleshooter again. I also uninstalled two of the updates. I have rebooted my laptop a couple of times with no issues. I think the problem may be fixed. Thank you for your help!

Hi Terry! You're very welcome. Glad to hear your issue is solved. My thinking is MS may have a lot of these problems with up dates for W10.
It has been my experience not to worry to much about W10 up dating. My thinking is they will get them fixed, as they are reported to MS when they fail. That's my understanding any way. I see you have been a member sense August. This is a great forum with lots of smart and friendly people here. I'll see you around on the forum!;):(

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